WhOleness FaciltatiOn 111 Helping you help yourself synergistically!!!
WhOleness FaciltatiOn 111 Helping you help yourself synergistically!!!

Welcome to WhOListIxX.

  Hello, my name is Rebekah and WholistixX is my creation, with you the client, in mind.  I am co-creator of the 'new' and approved modality M.A.A.T, an Angel Master teacher, holistic reflexologist , massage therapist; including  M.A.A.T, Indian Head, deep,and, Intuitive. I work with crystal energy, gem and bach flower , Orchid, & other vibrational suppOrt remedies. Crystals & homeopathic remedies are used within M.A.A.T. with discernment.


I also offer counsel, Angelic GuiDance , and/or pure relaxation!


M.A.A.T InitiatiOns/attunements & teachings available from June 2017.


 I am also a meditation and alignment teacher. I have PTLLS level 4,  so am equipped , and, insured to offer workshops in any environment. I can tailor scripts within your sessions to include channelled energy journeys, for  facilitation of healthful changes,


  I have had a long and winding journey, and, a path that led to my recovery and self-realisatiOn, that, in turn led me to Service as the wOrship.  This has blessed me with more empathy and wisdom than most, and, the opportunity for extensive personal development!

 I am grateful for  the opportunity to work and serve in this way.  It brings me much joy seeing the difference working Wholistically can make in a persons' life. 



  I am based in Partington, a quiet suburb of Manchester, England.  I offer tailored 6 week programs, (which include guidance & more), 1-1 single sessions, and, groupwork, IN PERSON AND DISTANT, and angel reiki plus violet flame attunements. Which has now evolved into my own approved and teachable modality M.A.A.T (multi-dimensional ascension alignment therapy)


  I am also experienced with working with pregnancy, palliative, and,  complex needs.


Any questions please don't hesitate to Ask!!!xX




with morelove


Rebekah Xx




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