Let's Empower you 2 move swiftly on & release into Joy of Being
 Let's Empower you 2 move swiftly on & release into Joy of Being

About us

My aim is to work with you to empower you to make better choices, putting an end to repetitive patterns of dis-ease that eventually manifest as physical illness, if not addressed.  I work in a variety of settings, both in the communities and privately, and am gratified by the success of you, the client.


It is about US opposed to you and I!  The more you work with me, and allow the energy I channel, and the guidance I give you to be actioned and integrated, the better the results will be.

Having said that I also offer peace and relaxation with no other obligation!  A regular healing program with counsel being an option.


I am studying hypnotherapy and am a certified Meditation teacher.  I am currently offering a 'visualisation for positive change' service. Please email me your subject to be addressed.


When the student is ready the teacher appears!!! I believe we are all teachers and students put here to heal and teach each other. My own positive experiences with holistic healing/complementary therapies,(because I do believe doctors are healers too!); are what has led me to train and practice in this way.


I sincerely look forwards to being a part of your pOsitive forward movement!!!


Lightfuelled Love,

Rebekah Xx



Rebekah Flint

Phone: +44 744 341 9055

E-mail: wholistixx@gmail.com



Contact Information



Contact Information

We are located at: Cedar Road, M31 (private venue)4LY & Partington Healthy Living Centre(public venue), Central Road, M31 4FY

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  • 07443419055
  • wholistixx@gmail.com



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