Let's Empower you 2 move swiftly on & release into Joy of Being
 Let's Empower you 2 move swiftly on & release into Joy of Being





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Reiki/energy/spiritually attuned?  Or looking for a way to distantly receive group energy via the quantum field? I cordially invite you to wholistixx at 8pm on May 1st 2017. RSVP essential, as space to attend in person is limited. No limitations on distant participation.


Any one attuned to any level of any reiki/energy/spiritual healing therapy invited to attend this first one in person (read to end for full info)so if you feel drawn & I've not invited you please pm your rsvp thanXx???
I will be asking a £3 love investment which I will donate to a cause; am feeling a domestic violence /abuse support one this time, straight to the heart, enabling a wholistic recovery from, for the recipient, providing an immediate holistic solution, rather than a mainstream waiting list.
I have been further guided to offer the energies as a distant receive only option for anyone interested(NO need to be attuned for this option ), for £3.33
And if you are drawn, but can't make it in person to me? Please do feel free to link in with full permIssiOn from a distance, (do let me know though lol) Come play in the ether & ground some more of yOur inherent loveliness!!!
All distant love donations to PayPal.me/wholistixx, or bacs(details on request)

May 19,20,21st at Eventcity


Join me in this 3 day 3 event show. Entry includes admission to OM Yoga show & Vegan show.

I am offering M.a.a.t in stillness therapy & Angelic GuiDance. Time allowing I may also offer Angel Tarot 'next best step' readings alongside, as requested.

Come find me on stand 129a

http://www.mbsevents.co.uk for full info & tickets


12th/13th August.

Join me at hotel football, a beautiful venue, where I am offering therapies, & also a free workshop titled 'M.a.a.t in E-mOtion' at 1pm on the sunday. http:///www.bluepyramidevents.co.uk for full info.


Http://www.rosemarydouglas.com for more info & tickets.

We are located at: Cedar Road, M31 (private venue)4LY & Partington Healthy Living Centre(public venue), Central Road, M31 4FY

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