Let's Empower you 2 move swiftly on & release into Joy of Being
 Let's Empower you 2 move swiftly on & release into Joy of Being

More about my services!!!

  I work with combinations of therapies as not one size fits all, and I have found it most effective.  Being a reiki master means that I am attuned to and able to channel high frequency energies to enhance whichever therapy or combination that you choose.


M.A.^A.T is my newest /oldest CreatiOn I am excited to share!!!

Whilst receiving the initiation of Angel reiki(not to be confused with angelic reiki; though we are all connected), I have been Guided & led over the past two years both prior to my Master Teacher qualification & after, with channelled information; to develop this into Multi dimensional Angelic Alignment Therapies.  Therapies because I practise & will be teaching way more than an attunement usually provides, so that my clients & students are empOwered by rapid rememberence that healing simply facilitates the whOleness we already are, & have full access to...once we shift through pesky subconscious beliefs.  Thusfar I've developed m.a.^a.t in stillness & am developing M.a^a.t in e-mOtion, a form of healing dance/conscious movement , which facilitates , in a loving group space, powerful releases through the energies of both the space & self healing techniques, winging its way to you in 2018...




  I'm excited to be part of this , ever expanding to fit our evolving consciousness, therapy, both as an experienced practitioner, and NOW as a master/teacher. This therapy has new symbols & energies, received by myself via channelling, which has brought it in line with current evolvement and understanding...it's humbling & exciting to have received this enhanced & UPDATED version ,and, all faith or non faiths are included, as we work our way back to ONENESS!!! Fear or Love? the only real choices we have to make...everything we experience comes from choices we make from a positionality of these two 'umbrella' vibrations.


   Are YOU READY to change your perspective? and , therefore enhance & understand your own Life experience...Xx


  Angel reiki is a perfectly safe and wonderful energy healing system that helps you heal the mind, body, and soul. Its gently uplifting and intelligently goes where its needed. Reiki is derived from the Japanese words Rei and Ki meaning Universal Life Energy. The many BENEFITS of Angel reiki include that it enhances the body's natural ability to heal, helps eliminate energy blocks, relieves stress and promotes relaxation; all whilst experiencing the loving energy of the Angels, Archangels, and ascended Masters. An element of crystal healing using chakra specific crystals can be incorporated also, as appropriate.




  Distant healing is as effective as a hands on session. In fact sometimes the sensations can be even more intense.

  They are also extremely useful for those occasions that mean you can’t leave home due to a cold, back pain or simply because you can’t travel.

  Distant healing sessions are also a beautiful gift to give to someone who is abroad and feeling stressed or out of sorts.

  All you need to do is lie down and relax to let the energy flow. If you like you can play music, burn incense or candles...whatever makes you feel more comfortable. Afterwards it is sensible to hydrate & rest for a little while so that you gain the most from the healing session.

When mutually convenient we will chat or email to discuss any issues that arose during the session and to consider how to move forward with treatment.



 Holistic Reflexology is an ancient healing modality proven through time to rebalance the whole system, help the body heal naturally, alleviate pain and stress and provide that much needed space of peace in these stressful times.  I can teach you how your body speaks(or shouts)at you, and action steps to remedy this root cause.


  M.A.^A.T massage is a mixture of massage techniques including an element of energetic work to elevate the massage which I tailor to fit the receivers individual tastes, and, needs on a particular day. I work with aromatherapy oils also as suitable.




  This is a even more expansive version of angelreiki utilising the chakra angels crystals during the sessions.  (unsuitable for beginners)






 Overseen by St Germaine,& Archangels Zadkiel & Michael. This is a very powerful attunement, which can be used at any part of your journey, i.e. for self-healing**, as a practitioner if/when you are one, and as a master teacher you will be able to attune others. There is only one 'level' of attunement therefore. I would encourage clients to come for a healing session beforehand or at least an online/telephone consultation first!





I am constantly evolving both myself and my work for the greater good of all who choose to either embrace life changes, or simply utilise the peaceful space I create to relax, find relief from dis-ease & pain; which is healing in and of itself!!!.xX




We are located at: Cedar Road, M31 (private venue)4LY & Partington Healthy Living Centre(public venue), Central Road, M31 4FY

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